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Fuel Oil Systems

Delivering Precision and Performance in Fuel Oil Systems

Fuel Oil Systems

Fuel oil systems are essential for powering industries and facilities, providing reliable and efficient energy solutions. Solvetech's expertise in fuel oil systems ensures optimal performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability. From design to maintenance, we deliver comprehensive solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

Solvetech is dedicated to expediting the integration of cost-effective technologies and best practices, elevating the dependability and efficiency of lubrication and fuel oil systems for enhanced performance and reliability.

Facts About Oil Usage


Oil doesn't degrade with time; it simply loses its effectiveness over a period.


It is heavily used on vehicles, factory machineries, vessels.


83% of oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil.


80% of companies experienced downtime due to improper lubrication.

Work Process

Solve Tech design services provide the planning and designing of fuel oil systems for various types of buildings and industrial facilities. These services typically include

  • Site Assessment: An initial assessment of the site where the fuel oil system will be installed, including an evaluation of the available space and local regulations.

  • System Design: Designing the fuel oil system based on the site assessment, including the selection of the storage tank, day tank, fuel pump, and delivery system.

  • CAD Drawings & Documentation: Creating detailed CAD drawings and documentation for the fuel oil system, including technical specifications and installation instructions.

  • Project Management: Managing the installation of the fuel oil system, including coordinating with contractors and overseeing the progress of the project.

  • Training: Providing training to building or facility staff on how to properly operate and maintain the fuel oil system.

Generator Fuel Oil Systems

Trust SolveTech for superior generator fuel oil systems that keep your business powered and protected.

Generator Fuel Oil Systems

SolveTech is your trusted partner in generator fuel oil systems, offering comprehensive solutions that ensure uninterrupted power generation. Our expert Engineers Design and install high-performance systems, from fuel storage to precise delivery mechanisms, guaranteeing reliable operation even in critical scenarios.

With Solvetech's advanced technology and maintenance expertise, you can count on continuous power availability and reduced downtime. We're committed to optimizing efficiency, minimizing waste, and enhancing the longevity of your generator fuel oil systems. Choose Solvetech for cutting-edge solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Industries We Serve




Conference Halls












Commercial Buildings


Shopping Mall


Government Buildings

Advantages of Utilising SolveTech MEP Design

  • Optimize fuel usage, reducing waste and operational costs
  • Downtime due to fuel system failures is minimized
  • Helping you minimize your carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations
  • Extending the lifespan of your generator fuel oil systems
  • Contributing to sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprints and energy consumption
  • Solvetech provides ongoing maintenance and support
  • Help you save on fuel costs and maintenance expenses, providing a strong return on investment over time

Serving the Gulf: Solutions Across GCC Nations

Solve Tech is a leading engineering services provider with a specialization in Acoustic Solutions, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Design, Structural Design and Fuel Oil Systems. With a strong presence in the GCC region, which encompasses Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, We offer a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Solve Tech is committed to delivering top-tier engineering services that adhere to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. We're dedicated to enhancing the infrastructural landscape of the GCC region, contributing to its progress and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is proper lubrication crucial?
Improper lubrication is responsible for around 80% of companies experiencing downtime. Properly designed fuel oil systems help prevent such issues.
What does fuel oil system design include?
Fuel oil system design encompasses selecting components such as storage tanks, day tanks, fuel pumps, and delivery systems based on the site assessment.
How does Solvetech enhance the longevity of generator fuel oil systems?
Solvetech's advanced technology and maintenance expertise optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the life of generator fuel oil systems, ensuring continuous power availability.
How to ensure optimal performance in fuel oil systems?
Solvetech specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining fuel oil systems to ensure they deliver optimal performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability.
Why consider fuel oil systems ?
Fuel oil systems are essential components that provide reliable and efficient energy solutions to power industries and facilities. They involve the storage, delivery, and management of fuel oil for various applications.
What services does Solve Tech offer for fuel oil systems?
Solve Tech offers comprehensive services, including site assessment, system design, CAD drawings, project management, and staff training for the operation and maintenance of fuel oil systems
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